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  2. Please respawn need to the Elegante skin for Loba and memeber supreme lupine skin for her next season but for the most part I need that Elegante Loba that would be nice to see that Loba skin make a return this

  3. Can they bring that thrill of the hunt skin for back that would be the first time I see that skin

  4. I would be happy if they brought some of the skin back from Loba heirloom and the Loba skin of course

  5. I need Petty Theft Loba Skin to return again please respawn some where this season that Loba skin I only saw it 4 times so if I see that skin the 5th time I would not ask respawn ever again about that Loba skin petty theft

  6. I could wait still petty theft skin come back for Loba it might not be the next season maybe season17 or 18 or 19 either of those season that Loba could come back

    1. The price for the rising storm horizon skin is not post to be 2,500 apex’s coins it’s posted to be 1,800 apex coins my apex are going to hurt really bad I only have 3,450 apex coins please put the price to 1,800 apex’s coins please respawn please do

  7. this list is missing the blue newcastle skin from the launch event this season and the upcoming one

      1. I could wait still petty theft skin come back for Loba it might not be the next season maybe season 18 or 19 either of those season that Loba could come back

  8. Any idea when wraiths wave shift will be back in the store? is it just random or is there a cycle/ pattern the devs use when cycling skins in the store?

  9. I know there are a lot of skins missing but i would like to the see the “Perfect Soldier” for Wraith here, so i can check out the price

  10. I still waiting on Petty Theft Loba skin to come back to the store where that skin please thanks respawn

  11. That would be great if the petty theft loba skin make a return in Apex Legends Season 14

    1. I hoping if the Petty Theft Loba skin is coming back again in next season that would be great I missed that skin 3 times I hope it will come back the forth time

  12. I would like to know if the flashpoint wraith skin is ever going to return into the store because I have the recolor vengeance seeker skin for flashpoint wraith skin

  13. Since they’re bringing back legend editions, I hope octane’s will come soon! Need Arachnoid Rush

  14. I hope to see the petty theft Loba skin in a different price very soon if it ever make another return

  15. Can respawn put more Apex coin in the battle next season I would be happy about that

    1. That is just straight bull of a price of a Loba skin call Petty Theft 2,800 apex coins really the actual price is 1,800 apex not that price I want that skin to come around again soon

  16. I really would like them to bring back the flashpoint wraith skin back if it ever does comeback in the store I got the recolor for that skin vengeance seeker

    1. If anybody can tell me when the petty theft Loba skin come back that would great to see it come back a fifth time

  17. There’s a lot missing, where’s the lunar new year skins. Heatsink flatline, reaactive wingman and the judge wingman, every Car skin, I didn’t bother looking further, got sick of the ads.
    What happened to this site? I swear this used to have all the skins I listed without the ads.

    1. Well, It’s the store, none of the ítems You mentioned have been un the store, so… And the lunar year skins are there, You are blind

  18. O I just forgot I need my recolor for the lifeline London Calling skin and hope to see the supermassive skin comeback for Horizon Dark Matter Skin

    1. Petty Theft Loba skin is coming back on December 23rd I can’t wait This is the time I can finally get my hands on that skin nice which is next month from now

  19. Why do they never have this skin name Torrent not worth any crafting material I have over 1 million crafting materials and can’t get that skin

  20. There’s an original twitch prime skin that’s bulky and purple that’s not on this list for pathfinder.

  21. Ya’ll forgot Crypto’s Cool Operator, which is a rare skin from 2020’s Christmas

    And also Cyber Attack, which was his first Twitch Prime skin

      1. One more thing could you guys ever come out with a recolor for the miliatary grade valkyrie skin as well

  22. I’m waiting for the two recolors for Angel City Pacer to come out cause i don’t want Wraith to be the legend i have the most skins for and that’s 10 and Pathfinder needs more skins.

    1. idk i honestly think its a ugly skin cause it lacks bright colors and color combination is so weird.

  23. It’s a recolor dude it has to be in the item shop to buy and you can buy it with legends tokens it doesn’t come with the skin

  24. I wouldn’t mind running Hired Gun since its so dark. I’m saving up for either that or Tae Joon Park

  25. I have a 20 bomb and 4k for every legend. My Ps4 username is PixelScorcher and i’m hoping for a recolor for the Rampart skin The Devi You Know.

    1. Also I want the Green Machine for Parthfinder to come back and the Cherry Bomb for Bangalore

      1. Not sure if you will see this, but Shrugtal, a dataminer, leaked a recolor for The Devi You Know to appear in store in the final half of the season. If it does, hope you enjoy the skin!

    2. The Fact that you want a RAMPART skin makes your 4k and 20 bomb badges irrelevant (Oh and BTW On PS4 omegalul,AimAssisted out of your mind)

  26. reply if your here just to see the skins that you were so close to getting but left the shop and you couldn’t get them

    1. I bought apex coins thinking I’d get the Haute Hoplite loba skin since I have 4K and have been waiting for this skin but the event ended an hour before I got apex coins

    1. The website is missing the other color way of protector of the patch red and gray color way. Pls Add it

  27. I really hope that one day, they bring back Cyberpunked for Wattson. God that is such an amazing skin, and seeing it in a recolour would be AMAZING.

    1. It was a battlepass skin, so they wont come back with the original, but they might with a recolor.

  28. Here’s hoping “Whitelisted” makes some type of return, need a good Crypto skin to rock that is not basic 🙂

    1. It did about 2 weeks ago, probably wont be returning for another year and any way how did you miss it you clearly don’t play apex and caring that much about a skin probably means your some fortnite kid

      1. Ive actually never played fortnite even when it was popular and there was literally no reason to reply like that unless ur some toxic 9yr old trying to be cool and impress everybody and i couldnt get it 2 weeks ago bc i didnt have quicksilver 2 weeks ago and guess wot bot of gold requires quicksilver. So dont just assume everybody has quicksilver and everybody is always on apex

        1. Imagine stooping down to the level at which you argue about whether you play fortnite, nobody on the planet could give a rats ass about the time you got a legendary pathfinder skin so why dont you hop back on FN and get the fuck out of here. scum

    2. It came out a few weeks ago and was so hyped up when it was out, you don’t play apex because the whole community knew it was out. Go play fortnite

  29. actully i think that the voidwalker and flashpoint and final sunset will be in store in black friday

  30. Whenever I try to go to the season 8 Battle Pass Gate Keeper Gibraltar skin it sends me to a message stating “Oops! That page can’t be found.” and it looks like all the other Gibraltar skins are on the old version of viewing the skins

    1. I really want the Green Machine path finder skin to come out again even though it’s the second rarest pathfinder skin in the game

  31. I just wish that mirage got better skis in the events. cause he has so much potential for it with his holo ability. but alas.

  32. I hope the Brudda bear skin for gib/maui comes back next Dec. Because that would be outstanding?!?!??in 2021

  33. When is the final sunset skin and flashpoint skin coming back for wraith I’ve been waiting for 2 years

  34. The golden season 1 skin for blood hound isnt there I think it’s called beast of the hunt and its epic

  35. this was the moment where they stopped releasing good recolors and just recycle shitty gun recolors every week

  36. hello. i been waiting almost 2yrs for the wattson bionic wonder skin to return. will it be in stores again??