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    1. The website is missing the other color way of protector of the patch red and gray color way. Pls Add it

  1. I really hope that one day, they bring back Cyberpunked for Wattson. God that is such an amazing skin, and seeing it in a recolour would be AMAZING.

    1. It was a battlepass skin, so they wont come back with the original, but they might with a recolor.

  2. Here’s hoping “Whitelisted” makes some type of return, need a good Crypto skin to rock that is not basic 🙂

    1. It did about 2 weeks ago, probably wont be returning for another year and any way how did you miss it you clearly don’t play apex and caring that much about a skin probably means your some fortnite kid

      1. Ive actually never played fortnite even when it was popular and there was literally no reason to reply like that unless ur some toxic 9yr old trying to be cool and impress everybody and i couldnt get it 2 weeks ago bc i didnt have quicksilver 2 weeks ago and guess wot bot of gold requires quicksilver. So dont just assume everybody has quicksilver and everybody is always on apex

    2. It came out a few weeks ago and was so hyped up when it was out, you don’t play apex because the whole community knew it was out. Go play fortnite

  3. actully i think that the voidwalker and flashpoint and final sunset will be in store in black friday

  4. Whenever I try to go to the season 8 Battle Pass Gate Keeper Gibraltar skin it sends me to a message stating “Oops! That page can’t be found.” and it looks like all the other Gibraltar skins are on the old version of viewing the skins

  5. I just wish that mirage got better skis in the events. cause he has so much potential for it with his holo ability. but alas.

  6. I hope the Brudda bear skin for gib/maui comes back next Dec. Because that would be outstanding?!?!??in 2021

  7. this was the moment where they stopped releasing good recolors and just recycle shitty gun recolors every week

  8. hello. i been waiting almost 2yrs for the wattson bionic wonder skin to return. will it be in stores again??

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