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    1. That’s because it was never available standalone. It’s on this website under bundles in the Horizon launch bundle

    1. No, you can only obtain the ones that you could craft with legend tokens in the loadout section. Collection event and other event skins do not appear in apex packs (with the exception of thematic event skins, like Dark Depths and Monsters Within, those ones stay permanantly). The easy way to tell if you can get an item in an apex pack is if it’s shown in the loadout tab or the legends tab. Everything that you can’t get from packs will be outside those tabs.

    2. No all the skins here were seen in the Apex Store at some point in time (or battlepass)

          1. Yes. Battle pass skins from season eleven and onward can be resold. Skins from earlier battle passes can only ever be sold as recolors.

      1. whoops I was looking at the R301 Skins only. You are correct, Chained Beast is not here. I think it is because it is a battle pass skin.