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Valkyrie Launch Apex Legends Bundle


Valkyrie Skin

Rarity: Legendary, Bundle Exclusive
Apex Coins: 3000

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: The ‘Birthright’ Valkyrie skin was originally exclusively part of the ‘Valkyrie Launch Bundle’. The bundle was available for purchase in May of 2021.

Valkyrie Skins

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    1. nah i want to keep it original, don’t want everyone having it, they came out with a blue version later on.

        1. A 2nd recolor was datamined. Wait for a big sale like they did for reel steel fuse and neon stardust horizon

      1. “Rightfully so” like you’re the creator of the skin , nah it will be back and it won’t be “rare” anymore or whatever you want to claim it as then it’ll sit in your worthless collection of skins because no apex skin is rare nothing is rare in that game they’ll always return.