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Depths of the void wraith legendary exclusive apex legends skin


Wraith Skin

Rarity: Legendary Exclusive
Apex Coins: N/A
Crafting Material: N/A
Legend Tokens: 10500

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Requires ‘Quarantine 722’ and first came to the store in April of 2020 for 6500 LT. It came back in May of 2021 for 10500 LT and required the Void Specialist for a day. However, this was later fixed by Respawn and Depths of the Void required Quarantine 722 again.

Required to Craft:

Quarantine 722 legendary wraith apex legends skin

Wraith Skins

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      1. It prolly wont be coming back for a while since it just left the store in july but who knows, flashpoint wraith came back in less than a year so …

  1. it’s no longer the void specialist it no requires the quarantine 722 And I’m happy bout dat 🙂

  2. IT HAS RETURNED 4th may- 8th may 2021. It requires Void Specialist and not 722 quarantine.