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Niflheim Hundr Bloodhound Apex Legends Skin


Bloodhound Skin

Rarity: Epic
Apex Coins: 1000
Crafting Material: N/A

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: This skin first appeared in the Apex Item Store during the Bloodhound Lore Event “Old Ways, New Dawn” in October of 2021. This skin features a white raven in the lobby. This skin made a return in August of 2022.

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  1. Why is this skin epic? Only because the raven is white? Jesus Christ, they just didn’t want to sell it as a rare one.

    1. Dude I totally agree ^. Literally came here to look at it thinking the epic animation had to be glitched on my screen. “No way its just because the raven is white.” I said in my head. Should’ve known better…

      1. I may even accept the fact that they are selling it as epic because the skin changes something of the character (although it is only visible in the lobby), but they started to sell rare skins with literal no animation or differences as epic ones: Gibraltar Halloween skin, Horizon Halloween skin, Wattson Twitch Prime skin (but it’s for free, so it doesn’t really count), and the incoming Octane dia de los Muertos skin!