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Soulless Sentry in Apex Legends Revenant Skin


Revenant Skin

Rarity: Legendary
Apex Coins: 2500 (Bundle)

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: The Soulless Sentry Bundle is part of the ‘Fallen Angel Store’, which was first available for purchase in June 2023. The bundle includes the Soulless Sentry skin for Revenant and the Final Act R-301 skin. This bundle is also available as ‘Soulless Sentry Pack Bundle’ for 3950 Apex Coins, which includes 20 packs along with the skins.

Revenant Skins

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  1. I would love to buy this skin, how is this rated so bad, personally one of my top 5s for revenant. Please release it again, I need to buy

  2. I have this skin, it’s incredibly beautiful, but does anyone know if it will be a recolor of the white and blue version of this skin someday?