Apex Legends: Apex x Market Sale Available November 9

The long-awaited Apex Legends and Market (previously known as Chinatown Market) collab sale is almost here. The sale is set to go live on November 9th.

It has been a while since the first Chinatown Market and Apex Legends skins leak. Since then, the name Chinatown Market has been re-branded to Market. Now that all is settled, the original collaboration is now back on track with the old skins having been re-branded to the new name as well. The sale starts Tuesday on November 9th and will end November 23rd.

Take a sneak peak below with the “Night Crawler” Mirage skin:

Set to launch on November 9th, the Apex x Market Sale will feature 5 bundles (and solo offers), with new skins for: Mirage, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Wraith and Gibraltar.The new Legend skins featured will be:

  • Night Crawler – Mirage skin
  • Mic Check – Lifeline skin
  • Ringside – Wraith
  • Sundown Desperado – Bloodhound
  • Booming System – Gibraltar

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    1. Apparently a leaker said that they are going to be sold separately, it’s not confirmed but he is pretty sure.