Apex Legends: Arenas Reveal & What We Know So Far

Previously, Apex Legends leaks have indicated that some sort of ‘Arena’ mode will be coming to the game. While not much is known (yet), here’s the rundown of what we know so far about Arenas, coming in new season Legacy.

Arenas Confirmed

The Apex Legends Launch trailer just dropped earlier today, revealing (spoilers) that Arenas will be officially introduced to Apex Legends presumably launching alongside the new season: Legacy. If you’ve missed the Launch Trailer, check it out below:

With more information to be revealed on April 26th, here’s what we know about the Arenas so far.

What is Arenas?

The Arenas seems to be a deathmatch-style mode. Previous leaks have also pointed towards a 3v3 gamemode, which makes sense considering the importance of trios in Apex Legends.

While full details are yet to be released, Respawn have suggested that this mode will be treated as a “full game”. What does this mean? Well for one, Arena’s will have its own maps. Alongside maps, It could also mean unique rules, and gameplay (in comparison to the BR).

It is likely that Arenas will have its own unique awards only earnable through playing, and specific challenges for this mode. Just like with other modes, there will be cosmetic rewards on offer in the form of badgers for your player card, such as the “Impress Me” badge for completing the Arena teaser.

Arenas Maps

Back in January, popular leaker Shrugtal leaked that at least seven different Kings Canyon spots were being tested. These were: Capacitor, Rig, Broken Relay, Gauntlet, Cascades, Repulsor, and Water Treatment.  While nothing is confirmed yet, we expect the location in the Ash teaser to be one of the maps.

Arenas Ranked

It’s highly possible that Arenas will have a ranked mode/system as suggested by leakers. However, nothing has been confirmed.

Stay tuned for April 26th for the Arenas Gameplay Reveal where our questions will (hopefully) be answered. With new season Legacy around the corner (set to launch May 4th), new information should release soon.

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