Apex Legends: Legacy Has Been Announced

Season 9 has been officially announced for Apex Legends, however, it will be simply called Legacy. Today, the new Stories From the Outlands: Northstar premiered, revealing new Legend, Valkyrie. See what else is new below:

Stories From the Outlands: Northstar

New Legend: Valkyrie

As some know, during the 100m Unique Players Thank You video, there were some teasers for the upcoming season. Many have guessed new legend “Valk” and an update to Olympus. Those have officially been confirmed. Here’s what we know about Valkyrie:

Bold, brash, fiery and fierce, Kairi Imahara grew up in the shadow of her father’s legacy. But now she’s ready to launch her own.

Valkyrie happens to be the daughter of Viper (an Apex Predator killed by Jack Cooper in Titanfall 2). Valkyrie meets with Blisk, appearing to plan revenge for her father’s death, but either changes her mind, or was only planning to impress Blisk in the first place.

For those not aware, Northstar, was a Titan in Titanfall 2, most famously used by Viper, an Apex Predator, in the campaign. While we don’t know much about the Legend yet, with Legacy around the corner, we will know more soon enough.

New in Apex Legends: Legacy

Other things that have been announced are:

Infested Olympus An infestation has sprung loose, strangling the city with roots and natural growths.

New Weapon: Bocek Bow – A powerful and deadly weapon, for those with the skill to wield it. Capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range, you’ll need to make each shot count.

Legacy Battle PassBattle through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn unique rewards like Apex Packs, XP Boosts, and skins! Like previous seasons, Legacy will bring a new Battle Pass.

Legacy RankedProve yourself in Ranked and go down as one of the greats.

Launch Date

Legacy is set to launch on May 4, 2021.

As the new season draws near, more information will come. We will keep you updated!

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