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    1. The Sonic Boom skin only came out during season 6 and it hasn’t returned in season 7, 8, and 9 so it has to come back in this season’s event because it’s about Rampart and the skin first came in Rampart’s season

  1. I have it man I would give it to man I’m missing 38 items and I I have never even worn that skin it’s cool to get one or two skins that are dope for your main but I’ve spent thousands and I don’t even care anymore people run from skins like that eyewear a plane skin and they test me and well night night

  2. Hey Apex Team, my friends and me wish us the Sonic Boom Skin bundle back.PLS i saw the Skin on YouTube and i Love it pls im waiting so long for this skin.

    Thx for reading this 😄

    1. He is correct season 13 possibly 14 if something crazy happens i Game test a little bit for respawn if you haven’t been playing very long I understand but for everyone that’s been there from the beginning even if they left for a little while the rotations are predictable however there are some legendary skins that were legendary my green machine or great winter but EA owns the company respawn does not want to bring those skins back EA is greedy and now that they got a taste of this recolor sale I saw the numbers it’s over with…$$my Marvel goddess is in the store now I’m sick if they bring my great winter back I’m not playing anymore they’re bringing back old battle pass stuff like there’s no loyalty their word means nothing

    1. Responds not going to respond they might to the message that I posted three paragraphs on but just so you know they’re completely against bringing the skins back the less popular ones but not the most popular it’s almost mythical when people see great winter I’ve had people let me kill them just to spectate..

    1. Please Respawn bring the Sonic Boom skin back for this season!!! That is my second favorite Octane skin!!!! My friend and I want it soooo bad!!!!!! Maybe bring it back on September!!! PLS!!!!