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Folk hero exclusive mirage skin apex legends item


Mirage Skin

Rarity: Legendary Exclusive
Apex Coins: N/A
Crafting Material: N/A
Legend Tokens: 10500

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Requires ‘The Revenger’ and 10500 Legend Tokens to craft. This skin was last seen in the Apex Item Store in February of 2020.

Required to Craft:

The Revenger Apex Legends legendary mirage skin

Mirage Skins

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  1. I have been waiting for this skin for over 2 years. where is it. WHERE THE HELL IS IT??? HOW IS IT THAT BASICALLY EVERY SKIN RECOLOR IS RELEASED EXCEPT THE ONE I WANT???

  2. Guys don’t worry maybe if we provide a sacrifice and talk in tongues it’ll return just once

  3. At this point I think they’re never going to re-release this skin because of it’s likeness to iron man and possible legal action. Same happened with Octane’s One Piece skin where they had to change colors before release. So now I think it’s never coming back.

    1. Don’t think this is the reason honestly, doesn’t make sense at all. If they really wanted to avoid legal action, they might as well not make a color scheme akin to Iron Man.