Apex Legends: 100 Million Unique Players Achievement and S9 Teaser

Respawn has announced that Apex Legends has reached 100 million unique players worldwide. For those unaware, this milestone is an important achievement for the game since launching over two years ago on February 4 in 2019. Apex Legends has thanked everyone involved, including players everywhere in a recent tweet and video.

Other than the obvious achievement and “thank you”, the video also doubles as a mini teaser. In the video, there are some things to note. The first would be a small look at Valk, and the other being possible map changes for Season 9. With Season 9 around the corner, more news should be expected very soon. Check out the images below:

In the video, Mirage can be seen looking at a character in the distance which many have guessed to be Valk. Other video captures showcase a map update.

It seems Apex Legends has more in store as well as they are “just getting started”. A date is displayed in the video marking April 19th, which is just a few days from now.

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