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Voidwalker wraith legendary apex legends skin


Wraith Skin

Rarity: Legendary
Apex Coins: 1800
Crafting Material: N/A

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Part of the September 2019 Voidwalker Event. The Voidwalker Wraith skin returned in:

Note: This skins has also been previously called Ghostwraith. A Recolour Phasewalker was released during the 2020 End of Year Sale.

Featured In:

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        1. A lot of Youtube videos that show: “Apex News”, features upcoming events and skins. That’s where you can get that info.

    1. Bruh you re only buyin skins just to look cool around your teamates? What a pussy bulshit

      1. or or or consider this: maybe… JUST maybe… we personally like the skin and don’t care what our teammates think… woahhh

  1. Can we maybe stop putting skins out that have been in the game a long time and give some beta players something that they have that no one else has? Like the airship assassin and voidwalker, I bought those because i thought they wouldn’t be coming back out.

      1. Reminds me of those cringey I ‘m a “insert legend-main” and have “insert number” k ki11s bla bla comments

        So glad I play on Switch..

        PS4 and EsPeCiAlLy pc gamers are so elitist,
        I wish I could kick em of the team when they ego play again and then expect you to save their a$$…

        So lame

        Just have fun, or play Fornite if you can’t spell “team”

    1. You were probably fun since kindergarden ?

      There are two recolours for VV, so in doubt get one of those if it bothers you if the opposing wraith uses it.

      I barely see anyone else with VV anyhow…

      Also the musicpacks are already barred off, so no need to bar even more stuff.
      No “Wattson” “Loba” or “Wraith” let alone “Lost Treasures” Music packs.

      They can keep their heirlooms and skins..

      That is what I’d want

    2. Na I don’t agree cause I spent WAY too much money on console and bought every wraithskin in the game LITERALLY and now I only have an 8th of my collection thanks to switching over to pc and it seems like a miss out on having SO MANY of my skins and it’s annoying like EA already won’t let me merge accounts and NOW you wanna stop me from even REBUYING ah hell na ima need my old skins ASAP. XD na but seriously it’s dumb you think they’ll PURPOSELY miss out on money