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Voidwalker wraith legendary apex legends skin


Wraith Skin

Rarity: Legendary
Apex Coins: 1800
Crafting Material: N/A

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Part of the September 2019 Voidwalker Event. The skin returned in a bundle during the ‘Summer of Plunder Sale’ in 2020 as well as the ‘Summer Splash Sale‘ in 2021.
A Recolour ‘Phasewalker’ was released during the 2020 End of Year Sale.

Note: This skins has also been previously called ‘Ghostwraith’

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    1. Bruh you re only buyin skins just to look cool around your teamates? What a pussy bulshit

  1. Can we maybe stop putting skins out that have been in the game a long time and give some beta players something that they have that no one else has? Like the airship assassin and voidwalker, I bought those because i thought they wouldn’t be coming back out.