Everything to know about the upcoming Breakout Rewards in Apex Legends™.


We’re celebrating 5 years of Apex Legends with a series of rewards releasing throughout Breakout. Every two weeks we’ll be unlocking a Legend as free-to-play for the rest of the season. Each Legend will have a set of challenges to permanently unlock that Legend and earn Battle Pass Stars, with even more Legend themed rewards to collect. The 5th Anniversary has a lot to unwrap.

Note: those that already have these Legends in their collection will still need to complete the challenges and other requirements in order to earn the cosmetic and chase rewards.


Conquer every Breakout Rewards challenge, hit Battle Pass Level 60, or gift six unique freebies before the season ends to unlock even more rewards like a Legendary Wraith skin. 

There are three chase items for completing three chase challenges:

  • Complete all six sets of Legend Challenges → earn Legendary “Runaway Renegade” Wraith
  • Collect all six Legend Banners in the free Battle Pass track → earn Wraith’s “Royal Stage” Banner
  • Gift limited-time gifts at least six times → earn a Legendary Sticker and Rare Wraith Tracker set
    • Each gifted Breakout Battle Pass also counts as a gift

Complete all the Breakout Reward challenges to automatically earn the ultimate completion reward: the Reactive “Top Tier” Flatline.


As each featured Legend unlocks as free-to-play, so will their respective challenges—such as playing matches with the Legend, dealing damage, and more. You’ll have until the end of the Season to complete the challenges, earn the corresponding rewards, and permanently unlock the Legends themselves for your collection.


Start DateLegend UnlockedCompletion RewardsBattle Pass Banner
February 13, 2024SeerPermanently Unlock Seer
30 BP Stars
“Moth to the Spotlight”
Unlocked at BP Level 10
February 27, 2024FusePermanently Unlock Fuse
30 BP Stars
Unlocked at BP Level 20
March 12, 2024RampartPermanently Unlock Rampart
45 BP Stars
“Bang! Bang! Bang!”
Unlocked at BP Level 30
March 26, 2024Mad MaggiePermanently Unlock Mad Maggie
45 BP Stars
“Televised Revolution”
Unlocked at BP Level 40
April 9, 2024LobaPermanently Unlock Loba
58 BP Stars
“Mine All Mine”
Unlocked at BP Level 50
April 23, 2024ValkyriePermanently Unlock Valkyrie
58 BP Stars
“Amazing Aviation”
Unlocked at BP Level 60


With each Legend unlock, new free gifts will be available to give to your friends to complete your Breakout collections. A skin and sticker of the featured Legend will be available every two weeks as free gifts and will only be available through gifting, so squad up and gift away!

Need a hand gifting? Check out the gifting FAQs here.

February 13-27, 2024Seer’s “Inner Flow”“Showtime”
February 27 – March 12, 2024Fuse’s “Bomb Fit”“Bringing the Boom”
March 12-26, 2024Rampart’s “Born to Dye”“Bang!”
March 26 – April 9, 2024Mad Maggie’s “Queen of Punk”“Verbal Assault”
April 9-23, 2024Loba’s “Black Diamond”“Queen’s Hoard”
April 23 – May 7, 2024Valkyrie’s “Shooting Star”“Cloudbreaker”


You’ve already got the Legend, a skin and banner for them, and a sticker featuring them, so all that’s left is a holospray! Tune in to any Apex Legends Twitch stream with drops enabled during the dates below to earn holosprays for each Breakout featured Legend while watching your favorite streamers dominate. Be sure to connect your EA account with your Twitch account, and tune in during the dates below to unlock the corresponding items. 

Instructions on how to link your EA account can be found here.

AvailabilityHolosprayHour Watched
February 13th 10am to February 27th 10am PT“Wear Your True Colors”1 hour watched
February 27th 10am to March 12th 10am PT“Look At This Fellas!”1 hour watched
March 12th 10am to March 26th 10am PT“I Deserve This”1 hour watched
March 26th 10am to April 9th 10am PT“BLEEP”1 hour watched
April 9th 10am to April 23rd 10am PT“Reigning Champ”1 hour watched
April 23th 10am to May 7th 10am PT“I’ve Arrived”1 hour watched


Drop Hotter in Apex Legends: Breakout, when The Games go into overdrive. With 5 years of Apex Legends in the books, we’ve got a killer Anniversary Collection Event kicking off at season launch and a plethora of patch notes—including Legend Upgrades. The 5th Anniversary Collection Event blog including details on the new Straight Shot LTM drops February 8, and Patch Notes will be following on February 12, 2024.

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