Event Cosmetics

All Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash Collection Event Skins

Epic 1000 AC / 800 CM / Holo-Day Bash Packs

Wreath Wraith Epic Apex Legends skin Neon Winter Crypto Epic Apex Legends skin Snow Crystal Lifeline Epic Apex Legends skin Gift Wrapped Triple Take Epic Apex Legends SKin

Melternator Alternator epic apex legends skin Arctic Blaster Wingman epic apex legends skin Special Delivery Flatline epic apex legends skin Bronze Beast devotion epic apex legends skin
Ballet-Boozle mirage banner frame epic apex legends Dashing Through The Snow Octane banner pose epic apex legends stocking charm epic apex legends skin Tree charm epic apex legends skin

Legendary 1800 AC / 2400 CM / Holo-Day Bash Packs

Stay Frosty Bangalore Legendary Apex Legends skin Joyfinder Pathfinder Legendary Apex Legends skin Brudda Bear Gibraltar Legendary Apex Legends skin Claustic Caustic Legendary Apex Legends skin Hack Frost Crypto Legendary Apex Legends skin Shocking Stuffer Wattson Legendary Apex Legends skin  The Wisecracker Mirage Legendary Apex Legends skin Dasher Octane Legendary Apex Legends skin  Ice Cold R-301 legendary apex legends skin Sugar RUsh R-99 legendary apex legends skin Santa's Little Slayer EVA-8 AUTO legendary apex legends skin Season's Greetings P2020 legendary apex legends skin

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