Battle Pass Season 1: Wild Frontier releasing Tuesday 19 March!

950 Apex coins or 2800 Apex Coins if you want a 25 level head-start.

Earn back 1000 Apex Coins through rewards.

Over 100 Unique Items to unlock

Instantly unlock 3 skins when you buy the Battle Pass.

Released Tuesday (19 March 2019)

The Apex legends Battlepass will be released tomorrow  at 10 AM Pacific time / 1PM EDT / 18:00 CET. It will contain over 100 unique items to collect.

You instantly unlock 3 skins by purchasing the Season 1 Apex Legends Battle Pass.

When buying the Battle Pass you will instantly unlock the
Lifeline Revolutionary skin, the Wraith Survivor skin, and the Mirage Outlaw skin. The more you play, the more rewards you unlock from the Battle Pass. The rewards are unlockable till the season ends, but when you earned them you will keep the items forever.

Various rewards can be earned through the Battle Pass which include gun skins, Apex Coins, banners and Wild Frontier Stat Trackers. The rewards are strictly cosmetics and does not give you an unfair advantage. The current rewards are mostly cosmetics for already existing guns and characters. Furthermore, this Battle Pass contains a new character named Octane.

Example of the type of rewards you can earn throughout the Battle Pass

So how do you unlock all these rewards? Good news the rewards can be unlocked by just playing the game and getting XP. Unlike other games this Battle Pass does not give the opportunity to unlock items through weekly challenges. This Battle Pass should stick around for around 3 months so you have till June to unlock everything from this Battle Pass so start playing!

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