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XL-R8 octane skin legendary apex legends item


Octane Skin

Rarity: Legendary
Apex Coins: 1800
Crafting Material: 2400

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Part of the System Override Collection Event from Season 4 in early 2020. This skin made a return in Season 9’s Genesis Collection Event as a non-event item. This skin made a return in April of 2022, in the Unshackled Event store.

Featured in:

XL-R8 Apex Legends Bundle octane fun in the sun

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  1. Don’t worry guys the XL-R8 octane skin wi be coming back. Thanks to leakers during the unshackled event on April 26 2022. The bundle will be in the special offers section. It will be worth 2000 coins because it includes the skin and the r-301 skin. If you look up @apexitemstore and click on the “[email protected] event details and scroll near the bottom you’ll see the bundle will be
    Coming out on the 26th of April 2022.

  2. Hello, please
    Re-release this skin it looks very good and I love the skin and you could get a bunch of money from it.

  3. EA, can you please bring the XL-R8 skin for this season’s event for returning favorites skin?, That skin is my favorite Octane skin pls bring it back this season!

    1. Respawn, Please bring the XL-R8 skin back for this season event!!! I love that Octane skin it’s my first favorite skin