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the dark artist legendary exclusive mirage skin


Mirage Skin

Rarity: Legendary Exclusive
Apex Coins: 1800
Crafting Material: N/A
Legend Tokens: 6500

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Requires ‘Ghost Machine’ to craft. This skin was first seen in the Apex Item Store in March of 2019. This skin made a return to the store in September of 2021. It then made a return in June of 2022.

Required to Craft:

Ghost Machine legendary apex legends mirage skin

Mirage Skins

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  1. You know what the funny thing is? Seriously, the skin is not really that great in my opinion and I can imagine that it is only popular because it is unbelievable rare (right now), like The Great Winter. I actually haven’t seen it ingame but as I see it in the picture the strange orange or what it is seems quite strange to me.

    1. I looked it up in the internet and I have to admit that the orange circles really look strange. The black is not bad but the orange…

    2. Yeah I got this originally all the way back in season 1 and only liked it cuz it didn’t look like the other garbage skins way back then. Over the years I wanted to upgrade to a better looking skin but now that I know the “rarity” it’s kinda drippy LOL