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packin' paisley legendary rampart skin apex legends


Rampart Skin

Rarity: Legendary Exclusive
Apex Coins: 1800
Crafting Material: N/A
Legend Tokens: 10500

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Requires ‘Heritage Pride’ and 10500 Legend Tokens to craft. This skin was first seen in the Apex Item Store during the Legend Recolor Store in August of 2021, where it was also available for 1800 Apex Coins. It made a return to the shop is April of 2022.

Required to Craft:

heritage pride legendary rampart skin apex legends

Rampart Skins

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      1. There was a bug where you needed the 30-30 skin “Super Speedway” instead of the original color of the Rampart skin, although it was only around for a few hours before it was patched. The same thing happened with the “Child’s Play” Spitfire skin, you needed some Havoc base skin