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Outland warrior bangalore legendary apex legends skin


Bangalore Skin

Rarity: Legendary
Apex Coins: N/A
Crafting Material: 1800

Category: Legend Skin
Availability: Part of Season 1’s Legendary Hunt Event in 2019, and was featured in the Store in June. This skin was brought back in The Old Ways Event in 2020, and was also featured in the 2020 Black Friday Sale week in a Bundle. This skin was seen in the Apex Item Store during the first week of September in 2021. It made a return in March ’22 and October of 2022.

Note: A recolour ‘Crimson Queen’ came out during the Anniversary Collection Event in 2021.

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    1. Hell no! Not even close lol. Killing Machine, Outland Warrior/Crimson queen, Violet Veteran are all waaay better