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Dynastic Cycle legendary R-301 apex legends skin


R-301 Carbine Skin

Rarity: Legendary
Apex Coins: 1800
Crafting Material: 1200

Category: Assault Rifle Skin
Availability: Not part of an event and can be crafted through the Loadout Menu: Assault Rifle under R-301 for 1200 crafting material. This skin is required for ‘Retrocausality‘.

Dynastic Cycle is Required to Craft:

Retrocausality legendary R-301 apex legends skin

R-301 Skins

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  1. Whoever runs this place needs to fix the Dynastic Cycle page again. The skin is fixed and is now back to its normal White base again.
    Don’t even know why it was changed to begin with. It was CLEARLY a bug. 11 seasons of the same skin, only to swap it over?