Apex Legends: Saviors Battle Pass Overview

Get the Saviors Battle Pass and fight your way through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn over 100 new rewards like Legendary skins for Fuse, Bloodhound and the C.A.R. SMG, Epic sets for Pathfinder, Mad Maggie, and Newcastle, reactive skins for the Spitfire LMG and more! Or unlock the Battle Pass Bundle to instantly receive the first 25 levels and defend what you love in style!

Apex Legends: Saviors Battle Pass Trailer

Saviors in Style

To get your Saviors Battle Pass, jump into Apex Legends and head to the Battle Pass tab. Grab the Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins or the Battle Pass Bundle for 2,800 Apex Coins (containing 4,700 Apex Coins’ worth of content). Drop into the Games and unlock new rewards every time you level up!

Premium Battle Pass

Enhance your experience with the premium Saviors Battle Pass. Play more to level up and unlock limited rewards!

Premium Battle Pass Bundle

Get the Battle Pass, plus automatically unlock the next 25 levels and Fuse’s Legendary “Sir Fitzroy” skin!

Premium Rewards

Earn Rare sets for Fuse, Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Mad Maggie and Newcastle as you complete the Battle Pass

New Reactive Weapon Skins

Fly in Style with New Skydive Emotes

Free Rewards

Everyone who plays Apex Legends: Saviors can earn:

  • Crypto Character Skin
  • 7 Apex Packs
  • 12 Weapon Skins
  • 3 Load Screens
  • Trackers for all Legends
  • 2 Music Packs
  • 300 Apex Coins
  • Season Badge.

Battle Pass FAQ

How do I buy the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass can only be purchased in the in-game store using Apex Coins. Launch Apex Legends, navigate to the Battle Pass tab, and purchase the Battle Pass from there. If you need to purchase Apex Coins, you can do that in the store, too.

What happens if I buy my Battle Pass late in the season?

You’ll receive all of the rewards up to your Battle Pass level (which is your current level for the season) retroactively! For example, if you’re on level 20 for the season when you buy the Battle Pass, you’ll unlock all rewards for every level up to 20, including three special Battle Pass character skins.

If you buy the Battle Pass Bundle, you’ll get the rewards for 25 levels in addition to the levels you’ve already reached. So, if you’re on level 20 for the season when you buy the Battle Pass Bundle, you’ll get all the rewards through level 45 including three special Battle Pass character skins.

Can I keep leveling my Battle Pass after the season ends?

No, Battle Pass prize tracks refresh with every season.

Do I keep my stuff after the season ends?

Yes! You keep every Battle Pass reward you’ve unlocked after the season is over.

What if I don’t buy the Battle Pass? Can I still earn rewards for free?

Yes. Even if you don’t purchase the Battle Pass, you can still earn the following items for free:

  • Apex Packs
  • Weapon Skins
  • Load Screens
  • Win Trackers for all Legends
  • Music Packs
  • Apex Coins
  • Season Badge

If I buy the Battle Pass, can I also get the free rewards?

Yes! Everyone can earn the free rewards during the season.

What Are Daily and Weekly Challenges?

Daily and Weekly challenges are in-game objectives that grant Battle Pass Stars when they are completed. Every ten Battle Pass Stars will progress you one level in the Battle Pass. Each day, you will receive five new Daily Challenges, and each week, you will receive a set of eleven new Weekly Challenges. Some challenges are specific to Battle Royale or Arenas, while other challenges can be completed in any mode!

For all the details on how challenges work, check out our blog here.

If I own the Battle Pass, can I buy levels past level 100 to get the bonus items?

No, you can only purchase levels up to level 100. You must earn the final 10 levels through playtime.

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