Apex Legends: How To Claim Exclusive Mad Maggie ‘Chaotic Coral Bundle’ With Prime Gaming

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New loot is available for Prime Gaming Subscribers this month starting March 17th until April 21st. This time, the featured legend to get a skin for this month is Mad Maggie with theChaotic Coral” skin, along with the “Fuchsia Flushed” L-Star skin, and the “Punk Punch” Banner. This is following last month’s featured exclusive skin – Bloodhound’s Frosthaven.

Here’s how you can claim this Bundle:

  1. Visit the Apex Legends Prime Gaming Page

  2. Log in with a Twitch account that has an active Prime subscription.

  3. Click the ‘Claim Now’ button above the item to claim.

  4. When prompted, click to link your EA account with your Twitch account.

  5. Once your accounts have been linked, the new items will be claimed and added to your in-game inventory just like that!

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