Apex Legends: Next Prime Gaming Bundle and Upcoming Events Leaks

Apex Legends seems to have a lot planned for this season, starting the month of December. Thanks to Apex Legends dataminers @kralrindo, and @shrugtal we have an idea on what’s in store for next month.

Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming subscribers can claim monthly rewards for several games, including Apex Legends. Previously, these rewards were limited to one Legend skin. However, last month saw the start of Prime Gaming Apex Legend Bundles. Starting in October, players were able to claim loot bundles, which included a Legend skin, Weapon skin and a banner. This trend continued this month, and will continue in December as well, according to leaks.

Rose Gold Loba Skin

Uncovered by dataminers, an upcoming Prime Bundle skin will feature Loba, with the ‘Rose Gold’ Loba skin. The bundle will also contain R-99 weapon skin ‘Glam Defender’, and ‘Breaking Through’ Loba Frame. Check it out below:

Upcoming Events

Like previous seasons, Escape will have two major events. This time the featured Collection and Thematic events are said to be: Space Pirate and Folklore.

Space Pirate Collection Event

According to leaks, the Space Pirate Event seems to be the upcoming Collection Event for December. It has been assumed that it will launch on December 7th, starting with Holiday Bash.

According to KralRindo, the December Event will include the Wattson Heirloom and a new town takeover on tropic.

Folklore Thematic Event

Folklore is said to be the thematic event for the season in January. This Thematic Event will be similar to last season (Monsters Within) with a new arenas map, poses, frames, etc.

Not much else about these events are known, and are up to speculation. However, since these are leaks and not announcements, none of these have yet to be confirmed by Apex Legends. Since December is around the corner, we will find out very soon.

Black Friday Sale

With Black Friday rolling around again, it is likely that Apex Legends will continue their ‘Black Friday’ sale shop. The past two years featured the release (and return) of limited time skins that are only available through the in-game store during the sale week.

The sale usually includes various pack bundles, exclusive skin returns, along with Octane’s “Laughing Fool” skin and the Flatline “Harlequin” skin. While we don’t know exactly what this year will feature, the sale is coming soon, so we’ll have to stay tuned.

According to leaks, this year may bring the return of Wattson’s Dinomite” skin.

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