Apex Legends: Season 11 Start, Leaks and More

Season 11 of Apex Legends is right around the corner. With only a couple more events this month left to go for this season, here is what we know so far for Season 11 (based on leaks). Read on for more:

Emergence End Date

The Battle Pass for Season 10: Emergence is set to end on November 2nd. With spooky season just beginning, this gives players around a month left to level up their Battle Pass and grab those rewards. This season’s Battle Pass features 8 Legend skins and many new Weapon skins.

Players who reach level 100 of the Emergence Battle Pass can claim two Legendary Volt Skins:

Season 11 Start Date

While Respawn has not officially announced the date for Season 11, we can assume that it will start once the Season 10 Battle Pass ends on November 2nd. With patch dates usually landing on a Tuesday, it is likely that Season 11 will launch then (if there are no delays). However, without any confirmation, this can be subject to change.


Leaks have been going around regarding upcoming Season 11 information. Since these are leaks and nothing is confirmed, we will have to wait to find out official info. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see what may be in store.

Teaser Dates

Teasers are on the way for this month. These teasers may be for the upcoming events or for Season 11. As of yet, we can only guess. Check them out below, courtesy of @SomeoneWhoLeaks:

Wattson Heirloom

Players have been waiting a while for a Wattson Heirloom. In the mid-season Patch, leakers have uncovered a Wattson Heirloom in the works. This is following Rampart’s latest heirloom “Problem Solver”.

Rampart Heirloom: Problem Solver

Players have provided mixed reviews on both the latest Heirloom and the leaked Wattson Heirloom. The upcoming Heirloom for Wattson takes on the appearance of a taser, which some players liked, and others, not so much. Check out the work in progress below, courtesy of @shrugtal:

It seems the Wattson Heirloom also has a bird animation, alongside the nessie. While this isn’t confirmed, it is amusing to see.

Season 11 Legend

There has been some debate on the next Legend to be introduced in the game. Following latest Legend Seer, it seems two names have been popping up in the files: Ash and Maali.

Ash is a name that has been known for a while, first in Titanfall 2, and being the announcer for the Apex Legends Arenas and all. However, there has been speculation on Ash joining the game as a playable character. Leaker @GarretLeaks has provided some intel from the game files in the videos below:

Another name in the files is “Maali”. Could this code name be the upcoming Legend? There seems to be speculation among the players on who will be joining the game. It can also be noted that “Maali” could also be a code name for Ash, since nothing has been announced.

Tropics Island Map

According to various leakers, a new map “Tropic Island” (may also be “Storm Point”) is in the works. This map had been discovered before, but lately, more information has been found.

Leaker @shrugtal has made a video regarding some of the map details:

It is noted that Shrugtal had mentioned the Tropical Island could take place on Gaea, which is the birthplace of Caustuc, Crypto and Rampart.

Well, there you have it. Of course, since these are leaks, nothing has officially been confirmed. We can only speculate for now until Respawn announces any other information, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we still have some time to level up those Battle Passes.

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