Apex Legends: Meet Seer

Meet Seer, a visionary artist and a Legend who fights for outcasts everywhere.

Meet Seer | Apex Legends Character Trailer


Tactical Ability: Focus of Attention – Summon micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls, interrupting and revealing enemies.

Passive Ability: Heart Seeker – Hear and visualize the heartbeats of enemies within 75m when aiming down sights.

Ultimate Ability: Exhibit – Create a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.

Seer Lore

Ambush Artist

Before his birth, it was foretold that Seer would bring pain and suffering to the world–and the night he was born, a meteor barreled across the sky and struck his world’s moon. It was considered a bad omen, and when the pale blue eyes of Obi Edolasim opened, his community saw a cursed child. His parents did not; they loved him unconditionally because they saw the true empathic, creative soul of their son. They even supported him when he was drawn to the theatricality of the Arenas, where he could express himself fully.

At first, the crowds felt unsure of him. But over time, with each victory, the power inside him grew, and with it, his strength in the Arena. And as his reputation began to precede him, a strange thing happened… The people in the crowd who were downtrodden, outcast, and forgotten—they saw themselves in Seer. Soon, throngs of people would come out just to see him fight—cheering Seer on as their champion. Now, this legend from the Arenas is making his way to the Apex Games and there isn’t a single soul who hasn’t already heard his name. The boy born under a bad omen and a terrible myth has taken this tale and created an even greater legend. He is Seer— an icon of the shunned, the unaccepted, and the unabashedly original.

About Seer

  • Real Name: Obi Edolasim
  • Age: 26
  • Home World: Boreas

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