Apex Legends: Ranked Arenas Confirmed for Season 10 & New Legend Info

Apex Legends has confirmed that a Ranked Mode will be coming to Arenas in the next Season of the game.

Ranked Arenas

It’s official, Ranked Arenas will be joining the game in Season 10 of Apex Legends. Arenas, a new permanent mode that launched in Season 9: Legacy will finally have Ranked Play available. Arenas features 3v3 battles where players can flex their skills in a different way from the classic multi-player Battle Royale style gameplay.

Season 10 of Apex Legends is just around the corner, if following the usual Season 3 month time-frame. This means that the next season of the game should be releasing soon, some time next month in (early) August.

In terms of features and rewards, we will have to stay tuned to find out exactly what Ranked Arenas brings, other than a (more) competitive version of the newest game mode.

New Legend

With newest Legend Valkyrie joining the crew in Season 9: Legacy, players are already wondering who the next Legend will be. In the recent EA Play Live: The Future of FPS video event, a fact about the next Legend has been confirmed: the next legend will be a male.

According to leaker @GarretLeaks there is a high chance that the next Legend will be of African descent. Other than the gender, nothing else has been officially confirmed so we can only speculate.

The game files suggest that the upcoming legend for Season 10 is called “Seer”. According to leaked voicelines, Seer seems to be a mysterious figure who “spends too much time in the shadows”. Moths have also been referenced a few times, both in the Audio files, and in previous leaks.

More info is expected to revealed in the next EA Play Live spotlight series, set for July 22nd. The pre-show begins at 10AM PST.

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