Apex Legends: Arenas Flash Event 2 Prize Tracker & Skins

The Arenas Flash Event continues with more event challenges and a new Prize Tracker. This time, rewards include two new rare legend skins, along with an EVA-8 Auto skin. Check them out below:

Prize Tracker

Like the last Arenas Event tracker, players can earn some crafting materials, Battle Pass stars and Apex Packs. However, this time, the Arenas Flash Event tracker also features some new skins. Players can earn points through June 1.


EVA-8 Auto “Playing Koi” Rare Skin: 2000 Points

playing koi EVA-8 Auto arenas flash reward skin

Wattson “Kawaii Voltage” Rare Skin: 3000 Points

kawaii voltage arenas flash event wattson skin

Bloodhound “Bright Plumage” Rare Skin: 5000 Points

bright blumage arenas flash event bloodhound skin

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