Apex Legends: ALGS Store and Mirage Edition Incoming

Coming soon to Apex Legends is the ALGS Store, which features several new skins, and the Apex Legends Mirage Edition, which was leaked previously.

ALGS Store

According to previous leaks, the store should replace the current one in a few days, which matches the current in-game store timer, set to change on May 18.

The store will feature 4 new skins for Octane, Caustic, Fuse and Pathfinder, spread among 5 bundles. You can check out the skins via @Shrugtal and bundles via @Kralrindo

“Wild Speed Bundle”

  • Octane “Wild Speed” Legendary Skin
  • Octane “Wild Spirit” Epic Frame
  • “Cyber Cheetah” Epic Charm

“Silverback Bundle”

  • Caustic “Silverback” Legendary Skin
  • Caustic “King of the Jungle” Epic Frame
  • “Hanging In There” Epic Charm

“Boared to Death Bundle”

  • Fuse “Boared to Death” Legendary Skin
  • Fuse “Wild Swine” Epic Frame
  • “Steely Swine” Epic Charm

“Mechameleon Bundle”

  • Pathfinder “Mechameleon” Legendary Skin
  • Pathfinder “Change of Color” Epic Frame
  • “Ancient Guardian” Epic Charm

“Animal Kingdom Bundle”

  • Features Legend Skins, Frames and Charms

There will also be Twitch Drops available:

Mirage Edition

Joining the recently released Gibraltar Edition is the Mirage Edition, also set to come in a few days (18th). Like other Legend Editions, The Mirage Edition includes five items, and be priced similarly.

  • Exclusive Legendary “The Show Stopper” Mirage Skin
  • Exclusive Legendary “The Mantlepiece” Volt Skin
  • Exclusive Epic “Boots n’ All” Weapon Charm
  • Exclusive Legendary “Holo Star” Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

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