Apex Legends: First Look at War Games Shop

As the leaks have told us, the next event following the (currently postponed) “Chinatown Market” collaboration is War Games. In courtesy of popular Apex Legends leakers: @Shrugtal and @SomeoneWhoLeaks, the War Games Event Shop has been revealed. View the shop below, posted by Shrugtal.

The War Games Shop features mostly recolours of skins from the Season 2 Iron Crown Collection Event back in 2019, with some from other previous events as well. View the full list of the leaked skins and their originals here. It is noted that there should be another shop rotation, coming in the next week featuring the other bundles/skins not listed above. While the store isn’t out officially for players, this first look gives us an idea of what’s to come, and the pricing.

Another leaker, @SomeoneWhoLeaks posted a video showcase of the shop. Check it out in the tweet below:

In terms of timeline, it seems War Games is just around the corner, according to leaks of course. A lot seems to be in store (ha) leading up to the release of Season 9, coming next month. Check out some of the notable dates below.

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