Apex Legends: Respawn Rolls Back Servers to Save Players’ Progression and Skins on Playstation

For those who are out of the loop, some unlucky players on PlayStation have been affected by some sort of bug that affected progression and rewards, causing their accounts to reset.

Respawn has identified the cause of the mysterious glitch, allowing them to restore progress and content lost for the players on Playstation. According to Respawn, the issue originated from a database shard. They wrote, “We’ve identified an issue with a database shard which we believe has been contributing to the recent progression issues for PlayStation players.” To fix the issue, Respawn announced that they ”will be migrating players off this shard, which may result in disconnects.”

While unfortunate, it seems that those who have lost some (or all) of their data will have them restored through a backup.

While the PS4 issue seems to be mostly fixed for now, Respawn is still investigating reports of some Apex Legends players losing unlocks after changing the email associated with their EA account. As of yet, there hasn’t been an update on that situation.

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