Apex Legends: Respawn Addresses Wattson’s ‘Electric Blue’ Skin

Recently, a bug caused missing textures on Wattson’s Electric Blue skin which resulted in an all-white version of the skin. However, with the bug fixed, the skin was reverted back to the original (blue) version.

Electric Blue Wattson Skin APex Legends
The ‘Electric Blue’ Wattson skin released in the recent Chaos Theory Collection Event

Respawn has finally addressed the situation, especially since players have been expressing their confusion, with some players having actually preferred the “broken” version. To try to make right of the situation, Respawn has decided to refund those who bought the skin before the fix went live.

Due to a number of players liking the all-white version, Ryan K. Rigney (Director of Community and Communications at Respawn Ent.) had responded saying that this will be “noted for the future” hinting at a possibility of an all-white lineup.

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