Apex Legends: Leaked Fight Night Trailer Reveals New Event Skins

The Fight Night collection event for Apex Legends has been leaked. This shows players an early look at the Pathfinder Town takeover location and some new upcoming skins.

Apex Legends had originally posted the early Fight Night Event Trailer on their twitter, targeting only Japan. Thus, this tweet was hidden to many, outside the region. You can check out the longer Japanese Trailer below, from the Apex Legends Twitter.

Check out the English Leaked Trailer:

The trailer gives us a first look at the Pathfinder Town Takeover. In the trailer, new skins for Pathfinder, Crypto, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Wattson, Caustic, Loba, and Revenant are shown, likely confirming some new skins as well. The tweet and trailer also confirm the Fight Night event name.

The new clip gives brief glimpses of the new Pathfinder location. It is likely (as previous leaks have suggested) that this new location is a fighting arena in which players have to jump into the ring. It should also be noted that there aren’t any weapons shown inside the ring, meaning it’s mostly melee action. 

Since Respawn and Apex Legends haven’t announced anything officially (outside Japan) we’ll just have to wait and see until more information is released, or when event is officially announced. Since we don’t have an exact date for its arrival, we will have to wait and see.

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