Holo-Day Bash: A Month of Sales and Upcoming Skins

The Holidays are here! In case you’ve missed the Holo-Day Bash trailer and event details we got you covered. Check all the details here.

Moving on to the upcoming sales: While the Black Friday sale week has brought back some long-awaited skins, some fans have been more or less disappointed in the following Holoday Sale shop. Since this month will be a wild ride for those waiting on some festive looks, don’t give up yet.

While we cant stop exclusive skins from returning in bundles, we can give you more of an idea of whats coming. Confused? Keep reading:

A Month of Sales

Every week from November 24 to January 4 a new set of sales will be rotating in the shop. We had Black Friday from November 24 – 30, and the Holoday Sale which is currently in the shop, that started on December 1st. However, some skins will be staying longer, and others will be rotating within a week.

To break things down, not all skins have been featured yet. Fans have been asking when a certain skin will be returning, so here we have possible bundles and dates.

December 1st – 10th

Nutcracker Bundle Holo-Day shop MirageIce Queen Bundle Loba Crystalline Perfection Holo-Day ShopHoliday Spirit Bundle Revenant Winter Frost Ancient Holo-Day shopSnowfall Bundle Wraith Wreath Apex Legends Holo-Day ShopIcicle Bundle Crypto Holo-Day Shop Apex Legends Neon Winter Frozen FuryCold Snap R-99 Skin Apex Holo-Day Shop

December 1st – 22nd

These offers will be available until the 22nd

Snow Crystal Lifeline Skin Apex LegendsBrudda Bear Beary X-Mas Bundle Holo-Day SHop Apex Gibraltar Flurry G-7Iced Wildlife Bundle Trophy Hunter Arctic Blaster Skin Holo-Day shopIced Out Bundle Crypto Cool Operator Ice Cold rare skin R-301 Holo-Day Shop

To Be Announced: December 10 – 22+

The following skins will be making their return, along with some other skins. It is likely that these skins will be coming in bundles and not as a single item you can pick up.

Octane “Dasher” Skin will be making its return on December 10, along with Rampart’s “Deep Freeze” (which may be available as a standalone offer)


Caustic “Claustic” should be returning along with the “Bronze Beast” Devotion, and “Special Delivery” Flatline. Check the store in the next coming weeks as we don’t have an exact date.

No date yet, but Pathfinder’s “Joyfinder” skin will make its return likely bundled with “Gift Wrapped” Triple Take and  “Melternator”. 

Bangalore’s “Stay Frosty” and Wattson’s ”Shocking Stuffer” will likely be packaged together in a bundle.

It seems “Hack Frost” Crypto and “Sugar Rush” R99 will also be returning in a bundle.

End of Year Sales Sneak Peek: December 22-January 4

Image via @Shrugtal on Twitter

We have some ideas of the End of Year sale bundles, but what they contain are are speculations and not confirmed. However we will be seeing two skins for sure:

Bloodhound’s “Young Blood” skin seems to be coming back on the 22nd. Will it come back as a bundle or standalone offer? Based on leaks, it is likely to return in a bundle.

Young Blood bloodhound legendary apex legends skin

Wraith’s “Phasewalker” Skin will be making its appearance as well. However we don’t know if this will be available as a standalone offer or only in a  bundle.

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