Holo-Day Bash 2020 Event Trailer and More

Apex Legends has released some information on this year’s Holo-Day Bash Event which will kick off on December 1st. Check the trailer below:

Happy Holo-Days from everyone on the Apex Legends team! we’re excited to share with you all we’ve got planned for the rest of the year.

  • A month of sales
  • Brand new wintery cosmetics
  • Return of a fan favorite mode from December 1 to January 4
  • An all-new rewards track

A Month of Sales

Starting today with Black Friday, check back every week from November 24 to January 4 for a new set of sales including all-new Loba, Revenant, and Spitfire Legendary Skins. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the offers below:

Limited-time mode: Winter Express

The fan-favorite mode Winter Express is coming back this Holo-Day Season, now with some exciting changes!

The train is back in World’s Edge just for Winter Express, and this time it’s not the only vehicle descending into the valley around Epicenter. The supply ships from Kings Canyon are also flying around the frozen explosion.

holo-bash 2020

For those of you who haven’t played it before, Winter Express is a round-based mode where three squads battle for control of the train as it makes its way around World’s Edge. This year, when your squad respawns after a round has finished, you will spawn on your own supply ship as it follows the train. From here, your squad will be able to survey the battlefield and skydive into combat as the train arrives at its next station and the objective unlocks. The squad that won the previous round will respawn directly on the train.

winter express holo bash

We’ve also added a new station for the train to stop at: Derailment is the scene of a catastrophic accident that occurred as a cargo train travelling the opposite direction took a tricky turn at high speed. This new station has a variety of flanking opportunities, and a unique rotation under the bridge where the train stops. This allows you to quickly change which side of the objective you’re attacking.

These changes should significantly reduce some of the long respawn times between rounds that players experienced last year. We can now spawn you earlier on the supply ships, and the longest section of track between stations is now divided in half with Derailment. We think these changes will make the mode an even more awesome experience.

Some new Legends have joined the games since Winter Express was last live, including: Loba, Revenant, Rampart, and Horizon. These Legends shake up the mode in new, exciting ways and we can’t wait for you to find new strategies for defending the objective or breaking through a powerful enemy line. We’ve also refreshed and rebalanced loadouts for this mode to include new weapons and purple armor for more exciting engagements that really help show off what our Legends can do.

Holo-Day Rewards Track

This year, Holo-Day Bash contains a rewards track with all-new unlockables. The rewards track will be available the same time as Winter Express, December 1 to January 4.

Check out everything you can earn below:

Thats all the info we have for now, so stay tuned for any upcoming news.

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