season 7 apex legends battle pass adjustment

Battle Pass Progression Adjustment Due to Backlash

Season 7 of Apex Legends has just launched, and has been recieved quite well due to exciting new changes. However, the new Season 7 Battle Pass progression has been “grindy”, with player complaints on the length taken to level up. Respawn has in fact taken notice, and will be reducing how much experience it takes to level up.

The new season Ascension has been out for less than 24 hours, and Respawn are already looking into fixing this battle pass progression issue due to the series of complaints players have expressed since the update.

Respawn has halved the current XP required to get a star from 10,000 XP to 5,000 XP. This change should make one battle pass level worth around 50,000 XP instead of 100,000 XP.

It seems they will also be reducing the amount of time it should take to complete the Weekly Challenges. Respawn haven’t released exactly how much they’ll cut the grind, but given the current backlash, it does seem like it will be a substantial amount. While we don’t know when these updates will take place, we do know that they should be happening soon. Edit: Changes are live as of 6 November

The reason for the lengthy level ups compared to previous seasons has to do with the new goals Respawn has mentioned. It appears they want to keep players engaged for the entire length of the season, rather than grinding out the battle pass in the first few weeks. It is to be noted that Respawn believes they have “missed the mark” with this first iteration.

These upcoming changes might not be the final iteration of what Respawn wants to implement either. We will just have to wait and see what exactly changes in the upcoming days or weeks. For now, we have a new season of content to keep us busy.

Edit: Respawn released more info regarding changes to the Season 7 Battle Pass

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