Season 7: Clubs, Care Package Weapons, and More

Season 7 of Apex Legends will bring some amazing new changes, including a New Map, Character, Vehicle, and more. Here are some more info on upcoming season changes. Featured are: Clubs, Care Package Weapons, and Skins


Clubs are a new social feature that make it easier to build a community and squad up for battle. More than just a secondary friends list, clubs are a way to keep in touch with your clubmates, see what they’ve been up to, and send club-wide party invites.. 

If you don’t already have companions to squad up with, you’ll be able to search for clubs to find one that’s right for you.

At the launch of Season 7 there will be a new tab in the lobby, aptly labeled “Club.” Visiting the club tab when you’re not a already the member of a club will give you two options:

  • Find a Club
  • Create a Club

There’s also a handful of clubs put on display for you in case you’re looking to join one but haven’t identified what makes the “perfect” club for you, yet.

Let’s talk about creating a club.

Creating Clubs

Choosing to create a club means filling out the following options:

  • Name – It’s, uh, your club’s name. 16 characters! Must be unique, as well.
  • Tag – A 4-character shorthand for your club that will be visible to your squadmates during match
  • Logo – A sweet symbol of how awesome your club is that will greet you every time you visit the club lobby
  • Privacy Setting – This controls if and how people can join your club. Clubs can be made open to the public, restricted based on account level and/or highest rank, “By Request,” where users have to apply to join, and by invitation only. Invite-only clubs do not appear in search results
  • Search Tags – Choose up to five of the search tags we’ve provided that best describe the kind of club you want to own. Is your club relaxed, friendly, and down to play anything? Or maybe you’re deep in that ranked grind and need a team that works and communicates well. Tag your club accordingly

It’s worth keeping in mind that your club’s crossplay setting will match your own. If you have disabled crossplay, only users that have also disabled crossplay will be able to find and participate in your club.

Clubs are bound to the data center the owner was on at the time the Club was created. This way, all your club members should have a similar ping when grouped up. You won’t find clubs from other data centers in your list unless you connect to that data center. You can, however, receive invites from clubs anywhere and join them, regardless of data center.

Searching For Clubs

If you don’t want to run your own club, then maybe searching for a club is more your speed. By hitting the “Search for Clubs” button in the club tab you’ll be able to search by name, tag, privacy parameters, and search tags.

If a club is open, or restricted but you meet the requirements, joining is just a couple clicks/taps away! However, if the club is joinable “By Request,” you will have to submit a request for entry. The owner and admins of the club will be able to review your request by seeing your gladiator card before determining whether or not to accept you. Invite-only clubs cannot be searched for.

Participating in a Club

Once you’ve made or joined a club, your club tab will become your new club lobby! All club members have access to the member list, where you can invite individuals to party up or broadcast an invite to everyone online via the “Invite All to Party” button.

The “Timeline” is a space where you can see recent events within the club, such as people joining, or placing within the top 5 in a match.

“Chat” is pretty straightforward: you now have a dedicated space to chat with your clubmates.

Club Member Ranks

To make managing a club easier, the club’s owner can assign member ranks. Each rank includes the abilities of the ranks beneath it in the hierarchy. Club member ranks are as follows:

  • Grunt – This is your entry rank. Grunts can send and receive party invites from clubmates, and participate in chat
  • Captain – Captains are the club’s talent scouts. In addition to the Grunt’s capabilities, Captains can send invites to prospective members
  • Admin – Admins are the junior version of the Owner. In addition to the Captain’s abilities, Admins can kick Grunts and Captains out of the club, change the club’s settings, post an announcement, view complaints filed against club members, and promote Grunts to Captains
  • Owner – The creator by default, the Owner can do everything the Admins can do, plus promote users up to Admin, and kick any member out of the club.

There can be only one Owner per club, but there can be multiple of every other rank. If you want all your friends to be Admins, promote them all!

I mentioned that users can be kicked out of clubs, but sometimes a user might wait until they’re in a match—or until no Admins are around—to cause trouble. To make sure that the Owner and Admins know you’ve run into a problematic clubmate, you’re able to file a complaint against the user from the club lobby. A unique event will appear only to Admins and the Owner in the timeline to let them know a complaint has been filed, and the Admins can review all the complaints a player has received by viewing their details in the member management menu. The list of complaints is placed conveniently close to the kick button. 

Annoucements & Badges

Admins and Owners can post an announcement that will create a pop-up message the next time users enter the lobby.

The most recent announcement can be reviewed at any time from the club lobby

Club Badges:


Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that there are some pretty big changes in regards to the care package weapons in Apex Legends Season 7 coming our way, as the R-99 is set to return to floor loot. 

There have been plenty of information on Season 7 changes including Characters, Maps, Clubs, but lack of information on weapon changes. There have been rumors about new weapons, and a new weapon type, but the biggest change looks to be coming to the care package weapons. 

Apex Legends Season : Supply Drop Weapons

Care package weapons are rotated each season. This means that some fan favorites become hard to find. This includes the R-99, which was regarded as one of the top weapons in Apex in the last few seasons. 

However, when it comes to Season 7, the powerful light ammo SMG is coming out of the care packages and returning to being floor loot – and potentially the Replicator through crafting too. This was confirmed by Apex Legends dev Chad Grenier in a pre Season 7 media briefing, who noted that the Prowler should be taking its place.

As for changes to the R-99, there’s no telling if it’ll be nerfed significantly in Season 7, or if it’ll return to its previous form where it was pretty strong anyway. It seems we will just have to wait until the patch notes are revealed when the new Season update releases on November 4.


If you’ve watch the new Season 7 Gameplay trailer, I’m sure you’ve noticed some new skins revealed.

In the trailer, featured legends that seem to sport a new look are: Octane, Horizon, and Wraith. The R-99 (Weapon Wrap) is also featured.

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