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  1. Keep it at the top dollar rate..It was 10 dollars for the whole season..most of these skins are 18 dollars, 24 for the special in season, event skins…..Seems like a win win for both parties…Especially, now, when EVERY business is feeling the financial pain, due to the Wuhan Flu.

  2. If they add jump animations to the store from old seasons then people will feel robbed that not everything is exclusive in the battle pass casuing outrage. That’s like saying having event items like jump animations and event skins being available all year around which is very bad for the people who paid top doller already.

  3. Although this is a free game, I think being able to shop for ANY skin would be beneficial to both the players and the creators. Also, add jump animations that may have been missed from previous seasons. Thanks for reading…..