Apex Legends Official Merch Launched

On 22 November 2019. Respawn Entertainment launched their official merchandise line for Apex Legends. You can read their official tweet announcing the launch of the official store below.

On the website https://playapexshop.com/ you can find all sorts of merchandise related to Apex Legends. The launch is just in time before holiday season to get your friends and family a nice gift. Of course if you are a big fan of the game like ourselves, you can buy yourself something nice. For example, there are multiple hoodies in the store that will keep you warm in the cold winter.


Beside hoodies there are also other clothing options, there are T-Shirts, caps and even socks in multiple colours and prints available. Most of the clothing are available in a variety of colour options including the very recognizable Apex Legends red, classic black and neutral gray.

If clothing is not your cup of tea, the store also offers various drinkware with the Apex Legends logo and “Have Fun Don’t Die” logo. There are also options to keep your drink nice Hot or Cold on-the-go with a official Apex Legends Stainless Steel Tumbler or Steel Bottle.

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