Known Issues Post Patch 1.2

Hey everyone,

Wanted to provide you some visibility into the issues we’ve seen reported since the patch. The list below represent NEW issues that we’ve created bug tickets for and are looking into.

  • This list does not represent ALL of the issues we’re currently tracking and working on for the game. These are specific to new issues reported since the patch that have been bugged.

  • We’re giving info on the issues that we can. Others may require more investigation or testing before we confirm what’s happening and how long it will take to fix.


  • Havoc and Devotion base ammo reduced.

    • This was an unintentional change that will be reverted.

  • Skydiving from a Jump Tower “nerf”.

  • Mirage clones sometimes appearing behind the player and die prematurely.

  • Ability to switch from localized voice overs to English.

    • Players will be able to switch language back to English in Season 2.

  • Deathbox loot ordering.

    • Working on a fix for the next client patch.

  • Can’t ping with the “Ninja” controller preset in inventory or deathboxes.

  • Legend models not showing up in banners at the end of match screen.

  • Changing game configs.

  • Octane jump pad sound issue.

  • Script errors.

  • Issues with controller / key bindings.

  • Accuracy while sliding and ADS.

  • Server slow down / datacenter mismatching /general network performance.

  • Changing game configs.

    • The intent of the change was to remove the ability to modify the game to get a competitive advantage. We hear the feedback that some commands are now gone for players that used them to make their game more stable or performant. We’ll follow up more on this next week.

  • Caustic

    • Gas damaging players through walls.

    • Being able to drop endless gas traps.

  • Texture not showing when looking down 2X site.

  • Mystery inventory slot.

    • You all will have to wait to see what we have planned for that.

  • Players appearing invisible during a match.

  • Grappling as Pathfinder with no weapon out no longer draws a weapon after grappling.

Lastly, seen some folks asking about the red icons that can appear in the upper right corner of the HUD. These are communicating what’s happening when network-related issues start to happen in the game. Image below breaks down what each means.

We’re continuing to monitor feedback and reports and expect this list to grow. We’ll provide an update on this list next week.

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